Effective sponsorship model – give FUTURE, become a sponsor!

By taking on a child sponsorship, you can accompany the progress of our projects and participate in the development of your godchild. The exchange of godparents with children and families strengthens the intercultural understanding on both sides. We will inform you regularly about your godchild, his family and the region in which the child lives. You can write to your godchild and even visit it.

The sponsorship for a child costs 30 – 60 Euros per month – that is only 1 – 2 € per day, if you want to cover the costs for the school visit (possibly incl. boarding school) for a child completely. You can also choose an amount starting at 10 € per month (in 5 steps upwards each additional amount possible) and thus take over a "partial sponsorship". The sponsorship contributions are tax deductible – we will automatically send you the corresponding grant confirmation at the beginning of the year.

You can of course give away sponsorships to your family, friends or colleagues. Simply complete the sponsorship in the name of the godfather.

Your donation will not be paid directly to the sponsor child or his family. We cooperate with the Boris Hess Foundation in Bhaktapur, which manages the payment of the school or other activities directly to the recipient on site.

And of course you can end your sponsorship at any time without giving reasons. A short message to us is enough.

Sponsorship application

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